Tuesday, 7 June 2011

At Le Petit

The café I work almost every day it's located in a crossroads of different kind of hospitals, schools and high schools, the King Cross suburb -also known as the Sydney's red district- and the city itself, as people call here the down town area. Therefore, costumers have quite amazing stories. Or maybe they just seem amazing to me that see them passing through, picking their coffee and going ahead with their lives meanwhile I'm stopped watching them as they go.

Most of them, the regulars, consider Le Petit as an extension of their own kitchens, if it is that they have one at home, come every single day and without saying anything they have their favorite croissant, brioche or baguette ready along with their coffee of their preference. "Honey Bunnie" is my code name, given to me by one of my most beloved ones, the documentaries director. I didn't know what she did for the living when I suggested her watching Underground, by Emir Kusturica, one of the best films I have ever seen and that hardly recommend to everyone from here too, after she asked me what the capital of Croatia was as she needed to resolved a words game. She knew I must know it. We see each other everyday, we smile to each other day after day. We knit our relationship, hour after hour, smile after smile, one before the other and after again ours "see ya - have a great day - you too". They

Musicians, Jewish, Prostitutes, Film Directors, Porn Producers, People fighting cancers. All of them, come daily to Le Petit and for a couple of dollars we tried our best smile to improve each other lives and build relations. It's not business. I can't care less about my tips. It a primary necessity, to build bonds. And I love to build bonds with this people.

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