Friday, 20 May 2011

Time flies

Mates! Here I am! Still alive although whit some scars that hopefully will make me stronger.

These last two months have been quite busy, as you can imagine, since I finally got two jobs as a waitress ("so what do you do? oh yeah, I wait tables too..."), working on the master and having to travel abroad amongst other more revolutionary matters. Please, calm down: I was not the one pulling the trigger on Bin Laden. There have been so many things going on that I can hardly recall them in my memory.

With the job, apart from a lot of free good food such as eggs Benedicts (aka little chickens) and homemade pizzas, came the money and with the money new plans. Travels, lessons, moving places... and also a thought that it's likely to help me during my most emotional moments when I cannot do anything to sort things out: money makes the world go around. If it works and I stop being a "cry-my-eyes-out-for-all-the-unfair-reasons" I'll let you know.

Waiting tables: my job as a waitress started being quite interesting. My "petit creme" c'est chic and has a faithful group of regular costumers: Kevin - Earl grey tea, José - latte, Nick - short black and ashtray, Scott - long black and ashtray, Susan - half baguette with Vegemite and latte, Mr. Take Away lately introduced as Rel, Juanita - short black and croissant or chicken baguette take away, Jim - flat white and croissant with jam and butter, Mr. Dad - short black with three sugars and ashtray, the Perfect Gay Couple - bol of mocha + ashtray and regular mocha...

They never change their orders at least is a special day so I have an opportunity to develop my histories about people from what they drink or eat... At the end, I love them all because they are what I have created in my mind: I miss them when they don't come and received them with a big smile, really happy to see them coming back. These imaginaries characters are like a family to me, every single day saying "one usual for me, please" and wink their eyes. I cheer them to finish their OJs "because it's full of vitamins!" and they comment my hairdo or polish nail as in family.

Goals-Achieved-In-Oz Section: When I tried to go for a drums lesson, the teacher wasn't where he was supposed to be, that is taking care of the cars in the parking he is responsible of. I left him a note. I'll be back on my next day off. Wrong! I went surfing. Now, it's funny how a situation can change: one day something seems impossible, next morning, your head is so overwhelmed because of some more serious concerns that the first issue looks like the perfect way out.

Surf means escape and sea means freedom, remembers of my childhood, games and nakedness. You cannot pretend be another person when you are in the sea.

Trying to find the balance on the board it's a kind of learning how to walk again. Trying to stand on the board meanwhile you fall is so funny that you forget about "the danger in the waves" and become more conscious of your own power and self control. Everyone can do it! Trying to ride it although your are almost reaching the shore it's a bit more stressful but after all I'm just starting. One hour later I was exhausted and ready to eat a kangaroo hamburger. I don't usually eat meat but this is a must try.

Travel Abroad for Visa Requirements: my time in Auckland (49 hours) made me think of the short history of the cities around. They all look the same, built around the same years and developed during the decades by the same companies in one and other country. The duty free area is more than worthy, specially when traveling back to Australia where the "basics" are so expensive.

I'll try to keep this gap for writing in the blog that you are following allegedly but you must help me with funny comments and making me feel that you care about what I write... deal? :)

"Obama... I wanna go surfing...!"

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  1. Nice to hear you´re enjoying your time there!Your english is much better ei!Keep updating us please!BIG HUG!