Wednesday, 23 March 2011

And the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums.

In this "listening-to-myself" period of life that I'm having I think I have recognized an inner, secret and hidden desire to play drums.

I really don't know when it all started but it wasn't that I woke up one day deciding I wanted to play drums. Or maybe yes. It was when I began to play the air drums in the street while listening the music in my iPod, something that we all have done some time so maybe not. Perhaps because every time that I'm in a life concert I try to search for the best point of view to the drummer and keep looking his or her arms and legs. No, I really don't know what is making me to want play drums. It could be because of the It might get loud documentary that I watched one more time recently where the almighty (just kidding) Jack White* describes how he pulled out the furniture in his room when he was a teenager in order to fill it with drums so he had to sleep on the floor.

Whatever the reasons, yesterday I went into a drums store and didn't try to make as If was looking for something, loosing time or playing here and there as I have been doing the last weeks so now everyone there know my face. I went into the store and simply said to the seller: "I want to play drums". He only smiled at me, understanding and as he was saying "finally, girl!", and took me to a garage where there are some soundproof rooms full of drums and introduced me to Milan, the garage guard and drum teacher at the same place and time. "Maybe I'm the worse student ever", I said. "Or maybe you become the best drummer of history", he replied.

Well the fact is that, it made me feel comfortable the he was even more enthusiastic than me because I was afraid they could think I was a weirdo (actually I would love that, who am I trying to lie here)

Anyway, although this story might sound promising and who knows where it will end, it won't be able to start until I find a job. Something that I'm still sorting out but I can feel it coming to an end soon (yes, I have to keep that attitude).

I'll let you know how it goes! ;)

*You all know that I deeply admire Jack White and most of the things that he does (I want to be cautious). I know he is normal and just a mortal but I find everything related to him really inspiring to me.

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  1. you're about to make it 1 month w/o posts, I know you're working hard, hope you're doing good in every other aspect :) have fun down under!