Friday, 4 March 2011

Sydney, the city to be... for now!

Time flies: it has been already a week since I first landed in Sydney and I haven't found the time to write about the city. Here it goes!

I had planned to go to Melbourne from Cairns, where I went diving for a couple of days and experienced their backpackers ambient. My planned included try trying to find a place in Melbourne and, occasionally, something to study and a job. Yes, I know: I live in Wonderland. With the exception that I like to call it Lolly Pop Land. In that diving trip, I had the chance of meeting people that either had been in both cities or where from one of them. All their comments made me feel somehow that I'm more a Melbourne person and that if I was going to end up there anyway, why not visiting Sydney first? And that's how I finally bought my ticket to Sydney!

Since the first contact with this city, that I can tell it was in the airplane from Cairns with all the Sydnesiders on board, I started to understand that maybe Sydney deserved a chance... and as soon as I went out from the airport and got lost almost intentionally in the bus coming to my hostel, I knew it.

The couple from Nice who welcomed me in my room just reassure my thoughts. "We love it!", they said at once. "That's why we are looking for a flat now".

I left my things in the room and went for a walk. The air I could felt in my face once I had get rid of my heavy backpack and could focus and other thing that finding my hostel, reminded me of Madrid "but with beaches" and I thought "from Sydney to the heaven, for sure!" (my World is so small... sorry for all my judgments, preconceptions and set phrases!)

Paddington Area and it's Saturday markets with live music, Surry Hills and its bars, Chinatown and its cheap menus full of noodles and vegan dishes, The Rocks, Tamarama Beach, the ferries, the free Museums (Contemporary and Art Gallery NSW at least), the wines that you can take with you to a cinema showroom, the good mood of the people, the second hand bookstores in every corner, some of them cafés, the sport people jogging and exercising in every park, the libraries and very nice buses drivers... maybe Melbourne has it all and more, but I'm not in a rush and I want to discover this country little by little.

Second hand bookstore + café in Oxford Street.

Taylors Square, where Oxford St link Darlinghurt, Surry Hills and Paddington Neighborhoods. This is the center of the gay area, look at the signs!

From now, I want to stay here and when my second visa allows it.. who knows! A farm near Melbourne followed by a bit of excitement in the city looks inspiring to me.

And it was!

Photos from the Manly to Spit Bridge Scenic Walkway (10km) and the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk (2.5km). I did both in the same day. Now I have a fever.


  1. I LOVE LOLLY POP LAND!!! and now, I want to go to Sydney!

  2. you better come or Cobain will start asking me about you and I'm afraid I cannot look to his eyes or I will become salt statue or something worse :) aysss...!!