Thursday, 3 March 2011

Westpac Bank

- "Is this a Chinese bank?
- No, but as this branch is in the middle of the China Town, we wanted to make things easier for the people living around.
- I was wondering because of all the signs and brochures.
- Oh well! you should have seen this when we celebrated the Chinese New Years!"

The reason behind I choose this bank to open my account is:
- their good relation with the potential customer.
- their sincerity when explaining a product: they don't doubt when explaining the conditions and fees of an account, they speak your language even you don't speak quite well theirs.
- the empathy with the consultants, they work in other jobs in order to save enough to travel so they don't feel the company they are working in as if they owe their lives to a bloody bank that is above every mortal.
- they don't charge for any fee during the first 6 months and after that, you can avoid paying the fee by transferring some money and you can take it back to where it was at the beginning... tricky!!
- No fees on credit cards (MasterCard, I've never had one) or banking online.

And basically this is all! I have my account what means cash for daily life. First little step accomplished.

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