Thursday, 10 March 2011

Golden Plains #5

Thanks to my wonderful wonderful friends back home -Carmetta, Alby and Marta- I'm now packing my things for a weekend of music and booze in Melbourne... well, around.

I have the ticket and the "surprise factor", I have a sleeping bed bag... and I have a bunch of good reasons just to let me go.

It would be from Saturday 12th to Monday 14th and the bands playing are:

More about the Festival when I'm back.


  1. Hey mate! how are you doing?

    I see you're having a great time in Oz, the blog is really interesting and the pics are amazing! I just want to send you some good vibrations and encourage you, Sydney looks really good, and the festival is a win-win oportunity to meet some people, listening to some great music (I reeeaaally want to see B&S live, and also Best Coast and Architecture in Helsinki) and enjoying party time!
    keep on having those good times, and for the not-so-good times, remember we miss you a lot here in the other side of the planet!


  2. :) :) It was amaaaaazing! B&S... well... maybe there have had better times! Best Coast were so funny: they took a little girl that was on stage dancing in one of the shoulders to play the tambourine with them... so lovely! and Architecture in Helsinki they're great and dance-dance-dance. Thank you for your support, really appreciate it and you're welcome here anytime! :)) xxxx tartiflette!! ;)