Monday, 7 March 2011

Say Something!

And most of the sydneysiders did. That was the slogan for Mardi Gras 2011 in Sydney and they got a real response not only in the social media but in real life as I could see in the parade held on Saturday, 5th March. Children, seniors, fire fighters, police, ambulance and bus drivers, tradies, skaters, people from sport, life guards, politicians, surfers and any other sector of the Australian life you can imagine were there showing their support to gay and lesbian community, being proud of taking part of it or coming out for the first time.

Although the route of the parade was not as long as I expected to be, it was concentrated in a way I couldn't guess. Energy, happiness, pride, glitter and feathers, made Oxford St. shiver from Hyde Park to Taylors Square even though the rain joined the ride sometimes.

As counter part, the crowd gathered along Oxford St. made difficult to see and enjoy the parade to those who were a bit late. Besides many people bought steps to see the parade from above and place them in the front row, making it impossible to see to the people placed behind. On the other hand, the rubbish in the street took a huge effort from the cleaning services of the city and the taxi drivers had to deal with customers more impulsive than usual.

But these all seemed small concessions that everyone could manage with after experiencing a real explosion of joy and passion, with all those shouts echoing in the air ("I can't even think straight", "I love cocks, deal with it", "at the end is all about love", "don't be sad, be gay"), that ended up with a macro party in the streets of Sydney until the sun arose.

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