Wednesday, 2 March 2011

"Si l'amour porte des ailes, N'est-ce pas pour voltiger?"

God Will Provide. That's the expression that most fits my mood these days. "God" can be substituted for any other word you like the most "destiny", "fate", "will", "I","Jack White", "Baloo from the Jungle Book", etc.

With no job and no flat yet, there's a lot to do but loosing the temper and on the other hand what's the But things move to their own rate and tomorrow I will be looking a couple of flats at least. Also, I'm experiencing the rare sensation of having nothing to do but think, which it's supposed to be good. Yes, it is. Thinking about my destiny, about where I'm going and what kind of way of life I wan to join. And for every of them I need a bank account so let's start for the beginning and resolve thing one by one!

Three days ago I wanted to go to the movies in Chauvel Cinema so I bought my ticket in advance for Certified Copy, with Juliette Binoche on it and everything. With the shadow of a comment from my Canadian diving buddy, Claudia, who told me she find that French people speak too much to say too little, I was luckily enough to get a glass of white wine with me to the showroom. This made me spent the last minutes before the show discussing with the girl on the bar if it was a good match with the pop corns so I had to rush to the door before they turned off the lights (there's nothing I hate most that going into a showroom with the lights off and my hands full!). The result: I didn't go into the showroom I was supposed to go and instead I watched "The Rules of the Game" by Jean Renoir (1939). And the white wine made the rest. The film, or the wine, made me feel that everything happens for a reason. And this is just one of the rules of the game.

(Min. 4.26, s'il vous plaît)

I came to see an old French film and now I feel that Paris, all the French stuff and I made peace finally (old memories from a broke up).

After all, instead of as a problem, I'm starting to look at my no job situation as a big opportunity. At least for now.

I want also to say hi and thank you to all my followers for your patience! I hope that the better my English gets, the less dull this blog will be. I'm working on it. Janine, Isa "Plas", Gema, Isahac, Centeno but specially to my dearest French girls here: Nolu and Julie: that comment about French people... je suis desolée and I trust it cannot be true. Perhaps is that in Canada, people don't appreciate the beauty of the real French language ;) Well, I do and I can stand hours listening to it! and much better if we all share some good white wine!

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