Sunday, 27 February 2011

Dig on vegan food (no, I haven't heard your band cause your guys are pretty new)

This post goes specially dedicated to my beloved mum who thought I had became “normal” and felt happy about it. Mum, I'm still vegan! But being vegan is not special in Australia (sic). Dam it!

Lately, two ideas / Chinese proverbs has have been very live in my head and they are: “knowing is the basis of appreciation” and “hearing something a hundred times is not as good as seeing it once”. The second maybe doesn't make any sense here but it has it in the post about the Great Barrier Reef and in other orders of life such us love.

I want to focus in the first one: Australian people seem to be very linked to their environment and live it in a very deep way maybe because they love doing sports in the nature (surf, kayak, trekking...). Anyway, their respect towards the animals -although they still keep them in zoos, they are a kind of “zoos in he wild”-, seems to transcend to other orders of live such as food and if there is a huge variety of meat to eat, from kangaroo to emu, there is also an important awareness of what this meat comes from and how the animals are treated in order to get it.

Being in an small airport with the exact time for a juice and something to eat or on board of a boat in the middle of the sea and nothing to do but eat, it is not a problem even when it looks like there will be few options to choose. Many fast food restaurants ( and coffees chains has an offer of vegan food enough to choose. My choice today: vegan baguette made of lettuce, pumpkin, pesto, red pepper, toffu, eggplant and a juice called the red baron made of tomato (a must for me when traveling), carrot, celery and beetroot... delicious!

Also, my first day in Cairns was a market day and I could enjoy the lively of Rusty's market, in the back door of Gilligans (a horrible backpackers hotel full of party for young drunks) where many Asian people has their own stall, children play ukulele (Carmeeeen!), organic cosmetic (Martaaaa!) is sold and rice with strange mixtures is cooked to sell. I had there a rice with something I couldn't identify but it looked as a cashew, and coco, a sambusak of vegetables and a refreshing cane juice on the rocks with lemon.


And I could write a post with my daily meal but don't want to bother you and myself with that (no worries!!)

Maybe because of the variety of fresh vegetables, maybe because they really love doing sport in the nature (surf, kayak, trekking...) what make them respect the animals, maybe because of the influence of Asian cultures where the meat is not at hand for everybody, I feel that the vegetables and fruits are much more appreciate here than in Europe. I don't really know. But people is more conscious about the existence of food with names as pumpkin, beetroot, lettuce, quinoa, etc.

An now, for a bunch of reasons: because it makes me laugh so much, because it's about a sad thing but from a witty perspective, ironic, because for me this is one of the best songs from the last decades along with its video and never get tired of it... oh yes, and because it says something about vegan food at one point and simply because this is my blog and I want to hear it and share it, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Dandy Warhols!

Are you looking so bohemiam like me? Cause I'm getting wise...


  1. two ideas / Chinese proverbs HAVE been (correction)
    Bring some samples!great that you are enjoying the vegan food, I bet is much more easier there than here in the carnical Spain...MUAK!

  2. OMG! I can't believe it! :) thankie, Marti!!

    Here they are also "carnical"... BBQ or "barbie" is a kind of national holiday along with the beer (Victoria Bitter)... idea for a possible next post: wine versus beer! And reg. the Dandy Warhols: THEY'RE COMING TO OZ!

    what a coincidence!!! but my usual luck, I'll be in NZ by then! :)

  3. Qué pena que lo del ukelele no sea un vídeo!! Me la imagino tocando el "Somewhere over the rainbow"...
    (Perdona que escriba en español, es que no quiero que te descojoncies de my english)

  4. qué mala eres Nieves! no quieres que me ría!! jajaja pues mejor que no sea vídeo porque así nos la imaginamos tocando cualquier cosa! Creo que era el Highway to Hell...