Friday, 18 February 2011

I'm a little Retarded

I feel stupid. Or as my non friend Mr Bigott would say:

I'm a little retarded:

(1) Today I got lost at the train station and took a train in the wrong direction. I had to go on my track to be on the right path and then, 2 hours later, reach my destination: Australian Zoo.

Never more. But at least the countryside made me think about the beauty of Australia and the quality of the people living here meanwhile in the radio of the bus sounded this song:

Anyway, I will try to explain this in other post because tonight I'm tired and feel a little Bigotta.

(2) Also, I'm conscious about how I look speaking in a language that is not my mother tongue and that I assuming lately how bad I'm at it.
It is not as if I were specially wise in Spanish either, but I feel I can communicate my feelings and thoughts -as superficial and trivial they can be- in a more deeply way, make them look much more important of what they really are even, make me understand better without feeling me so impotent, desperate and silly!
I don't know why I bother something with this because I am not really clever in any language... I only know I know nothing.

PS. Please correct my bad English in the comments: it would be much appreciated and I'm here and doing this to learn!

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  1. Hi Ilu!Love that song!Nice to see your stories down under! Your english is improving already!Free koala hug :)