Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

I can't believe it has passed almost a week since my last post in Brisbane!

Things that I've been doing since then: going to Cairns, discovering this great although touristic corner of the country, shopping in its fruit and veg market, free vegan eating, sending postcards, going diving for three days in a boat to the Great Barrier Reef, kayaking, attending random parties where adolescent people get quickly wasted... and that sort of things.

Although I don't feel specially proud of how easily my life runs here, having in mind what's going on in Libya and in the Middle East and how disconnected I am from everything, that's what this experience is about, about feeling in a remote part of the world where nothing affects me really and where I'm going to make the most of it until I go back to reality.

Diving during three days in the GBR has been great although the water was not as clean I supposed to be because of the cyclone and we could see some damage in the Reef. We took a boat and did nothing but diving, eating, sleeping and talking so it's normal that after 11 dives in 3 days I feel much comfortable and free inside the water than before: I deal much better with the "buoyancy" and not as before, when going back to the surface for no reason was something normal in my underwater life. Now I do it just well, keeping from half a meter to a meter over the ground and diving with my arms crossed, so no air is over spent, balancing and finding gravity playing only with my tank!

We got to make two night dives, one of them jumping over a family of sharks and coming back with my buddy half an hour later than the rest of the people... simply magical!

I saw rays, parrot fishes, sharks, trigger fishes, lion fish, turtles, sea horses, clown fishes and many others but the big surprise was to discover the most funny fish I have ever seen: the "funky" clown trigger fish. Really, it looks just like a fat black soul singer doing his show between the seaweeds.

And since this post is about diving and I feel like becoming an instructor someday too, I want to ask you please support my friend Waleed, who wants to become one and he's running in a competition to get a free course in Bali. All you have to do is leaving a comment to his video in youtube and hopefully I will be able to get some free classes from him one day!!!


  1. Congrats on your dives!!at night...that sounds scary...I want more details...and the word for today!Enjoy it!

  2. Marta, more details require that you vote for Waleed... haven't seen it yet! you don't want to go diving in the Red Sea or what? :))