Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Brisbane, 2 points

Is this the lowest punctuation in Eurovision?

Then, I have been too hard: just because of it's people Brisbane deserves 15 points! But the city is just not for me, at least at first glance! What I don't feel very comfortable with are the spaces and the buildings, there are only malls, fast food corners where the 9 to 5 employees run for their lunch, at 6 every shop is closed and you can't find flip flop to relieve your feet in pain after having walking the whole day... oohhh that's why I don't like the city, because of my shoes! but not, seriously, I will give it three more days but I'm starting to look at the next cities. This first day, I couldn't find this city has a strong personality: the farmer markets on the street were OK but there was just one today and packed and they are thought just to feed the workers in the business companies around. From my personal perspective, it's like it suffers from lack of cohesion. There are a bunch of cultural venues but they look cold to me, as if they were sports centers.

This morning, the young lady that shared the train trip with me told me: "I have to say that Brisbane doesn't look very pretty today. Specially the South Bank -the suburb that was more injured by the last floods-, I'm looking at my city as if it was the first time I see it and everything just seemed old and scary". Her genuineness obligated me to give it a second chance. When we arrived to the river, I tried to make her feel better explaining that it's brown colour could be because of the clouds but she pointed "no, I'm sorry to say this but unfortunately it's like this all the year round!". Poor girl, I made her realize that she lives in a sad city.

Of course, we talked about our travels and as an Australian, that considers going to New Zeland "a travel", she wide opened her eyes when she heard my list, although compared to other people in Europe they are few countries to be honest, and asked me what was my favorite destination. It took me a second to say the city I want to get lost (and that I won't tell here otherwise I wouldn't be able to get lost) and two to say the country I want to live in. but now, relaxed and tired after a whole day walking and being so far from both homes, I have to admit that my favorite destination is the one I have never been to yet.

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