Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Planes, jetlag and other drugs

Here I am finally! Walkabouting Down Under after a long trip of almost 20 hours.

My first impression once I put my feet on the ground of Brisbane shall be the same as the one we all had when we were born: wet and warm. And to be true, it is veeeery nice!

But let's go back to the plane. As there wasn't to much to do nor places to go, I decided to give myself to the vast film offer of Singapore Airlines watching four Egyptian films to match my mood these days (what I'm doing going there when I should be going there):

- Farah (****)
- Ehky ya Scheherazade (***)
- Risala al Bakhr (**)
- The Butcher (*)

The three first of them got me thinking about how the cinema in Egypt has been taking part in this revolution for years now carrying the message of upset and nostalgia although directors usually had to link those sad feelings suffered by the main characters to a bad behavior as drinking, taking drugs, being gay or being liberal sexually to legitimated. Of course, it couldn't be fault of the Government!

Also, got me thinking about the need of a full database in the internet for Arabic films. Excuse me if there is already a complete one in Arabic... shwoya, showya!

The second flight from Singapore to Brisbane lasted 7 hours and, although I would have loved to have more memories about my journey sited next to an Iranian top model, I'm sorry but I only could sleep!

Second impression after landing: these people are extremely nice... it's very important to them to say hi or smile to everyone they have eye contact with no matter if boy or girl. Also, they will walk along with you to the train station and talk with you during the whole trip. For example, I bought today an Australian SIM card and frankly made me laugh how the man on the phone that was about to activate my SIM card asked me my name: "could I have the honor to know the name of the lovely person I'm talking with?". This would sound weird in Spain, right?

To support my this thesis, and as my friend Nolu researched for me, Australian people were the first who started the free hugs movement! Normal!

And I disconnected myself from my impressions until the next day.

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