Friday, 18 February 2011

A Day in the Zoo

I've gone to the zoo today. I hate it and I hate myself for going there. Mi karma is below 0 right now after seeing so many brothers and sisters living in captivity although they haven't done anything wrong... (and we allow that although they could be our mother's reincarnation).

I knew that it would be like that but I had to see it with my own eyes. I have to say that most of the animals are fine and they are taken in care by professionals but the point is why do we think we are, the human beings, to determinate where an animal should live? to select two specimen of some breed -crocodiles, gooses, ponies, Tasmanian devils deeply on danger, Bengal tigers- and putting there to show them to an audience that just want to take photos and cuddle koalas.

What we think we are to choose if they should live in captivity or in the wild? It is unfair to say that this way we are protecting them and saving them from their extinction when we know exactly what are the habits we must stop to really protect them and allow them to live freely.

But we, that wear the adjective "human" as "sensible and sensitive" creature of the nature, forget this compassion towards what we still are, only living beings, and only think in our own benefit and to a short term.

I cuddled a koala, I must admit but in the hope that I would be able to set it free during the photo moment.

And Steve Irwing was not a warrior or the Wildlife Warrior, whatsoever. Crocodrile Hunter, he has worked hard to make those convicts animals generate important profits even after his death.


  1. My dear Ilu, I am following your blog with utmost interest. And I share your worries about animal welfare, although if I had to choose, I would prefer an Australian zoo to a European one.

    How is the veganism holding up?

  2. huhuhu yes, but anyway... they are not free to choose where to go or when...the relationship between the tiger and their keepers was tender but not natural. I mean, it's like if I say I prefer to be a prisoner in Europe than in Venezuela.

    Veggie post coming shortly!! rico rico rico... delicious!! Cairns is the city to be so far!